The Best Time to Change Diapers

Feb. 03, 2019

The newly born baby should be replaced every 2-3 hours, whether or not there is urine in the diaper from Baby Napkin Manufacturer. After entering the infancy, the number of replacements can be determined according to the baby's urine volume, but not less than three per day. If the baby has a stinky smell, replace it immediately, and wash the buttocks with warm water. You can not just wipe it with a wet wipe. This is a mother's lazy behavior, but also the incorrect use of diapers from the Baby Diaper Supplier, so it is easy to make the baby red butt. After cleaning, the baby's small buttocks will be coated with talcum powder and then put on a new diaper.

Do not use diapers for your baby for too long, so as not to cause dependence. Generally, it is not more than 2 years for the baby to wear diapers for the longest time. This way, the baby will easily pee on his own, not easy to wet the bed, and it is not easy to produce a feeling of resistance to the urine. Long-term use of diapers can easily lead to urinary tract inflammation because it is not breathable, and it will affect the baby's walking posture in the future. The time to stop the diaper is best chosen in the summer. If it is suddenly stopped in the winter, if the child does not find it after bedwetting, it will easily lead to a cold.

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