How to Avoid Misunderstanding When Changing Diapers for Your Baby?

Mar. 08, 2019

Pay attention to the following when changing your baby's Breathable Diaper:

1. Raise your baby's feet too high: Many months when you change your baby's Ultra Thin Diaper, it is always easy to lift your baby's feet very high, which also causes the baby's entire back to leave the ground, although this is the case. It is more convenient to change the diaper, but it is more likely to hurt the baby's spine, which is also important to pay attention to;

2, the hand touched the baby's sole: some babies will often lick you when changing diapers, it is not very happy, but in fact it is because you touched the baby's sole, triggering her Caused by the original reflection (step reflection);

3, many small babies are very easy to get red butt, and most of the moon lickers use wet wipes when cleaning their butts, but this will increase the symptoms, the correct cleaning method should be used first Wash with water, then gently dry with a soft cotton cloth, and finally apply diaper cream;

4, many months, often encounter a more troublesome thing, just give the baby a diaper when ta immediately urinating, in fact, this is not a baby's mischief, but he has not finished urine, so it is recommended that the new moon Before taking out your baby's diaper, you should first stimulate the baby's corresponding part by hand, prompting him to finish the new diaper.

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