Do You Know All About Diaper Change?

Mar. 04, 2019

Every time the baby defecates, must change the Breathable Diaper in time, otherwise easy to make the baby suffer from diaper rash. When changing the diaper frequently, the baby Ultra Thin Nappy area should be swabbed clean with water, and then dry, dry, and then pack a new diaper. Do not rush, affect the health of the baby.

Parents should keep the baby relaxed when changing diapers or traditional diapers. Try to look the baby in the eye, keep talking to the baby, or sing a children's song gently. Parents should not make changing diapers a task that has to be done and should not be disgusted by the smell of baby feces. Parents face unconsciously show reluctance, do not like, will be seen in the eyes of the baby, interpreted as parents do not like themselves, resulting in mental frustration.

For newborn babies, it's almost always changing diapers. As the child grows, the number of diaper changes gradually decreases from an average of 10 per day to about six. It is estimated that a baby can use about 5000 pieces of diapers, the baby's family to bring the economic burden, significantly higher than the ordinary diapers.

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