The Choice of Diapers Should Pay Attention to Practicality

Dec. 20, 2018

The choice of Breathable Diaper should pay attention to practicality:

(1) Softness: Since the baby's skin is very tender and very thin, the resistance is weak. If an unsuitable Breathable Paper Diaper is used, it may cause allergies due to irritation. Therefore, the surface of the diaper that the baby's skin is in contact with must be soft and comfortable, even the telescopic waist and the adhesive tape are the same, and can not contain irritating ingredients, so as not to cause irritation or skin allergies to the baby.

(2) The diaper should have super absorbent power. Because the baby has to urinate many times every day, if it is not treated in time, the baby's buttocks will often be in a damp state. Therefore, the diaper should have super absorbent power to ensure that the baby does not feel uncomfortable.

(3) High air permeability: The diaper with high air permeability is very important. When the ambient temperature is high, the temperature of the skin is difficult to control, so try to choose a diaper with high air permeability.

Breathable Diaper

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