How to Change Baby Diapers?

Dec. 23, 2018

When parents change their Cloth Like Diaper, they should prepare a clean diaper, a pack of wet wipes, a baby's mattress, a soft towel, a small bowl of warm water, a proper amount of Cloth Like Baby Diaper cream or petroleum jelly. Every time before changing the diaper, parents need to wash their hands with water and soap to avoid bacterial contamination of the diaper. It is important to note that you should not leave your baby alone on the bed.

Steps to replace the diaper: Let the baby lie flat on the bed, put the mattress under the baby under the baby, remove the wet diaper, lift the baby's feet up and fix it, and wipe it from top to bottom with a wet tissue. After wiping clean, raise your baby's buttocks and apply Vaseline oil. Then, the taped portion of the diaper is directed toward the baby's waist, and is placed under the baby's buttocks to wrap the diaper. After the bag was placed, the parents put their index fingers into the diaper to test whether the diaper was too tight or too loose. If the baby's cord has not fallen off. To prevent the diaper from rubbing against the umbilicus, the upper edge of the diaper can be folded inward to expose the umbilicus. Finally, the double-sided tape is adhered to the diaper surface of the diaper for convenient repeated application.

Diaper Pants

If the baby is only wet, change a diaper; if the baby has a bowel movement, parents should first wipe the stool with a wet tissue or a soft towel, then wash the baby's buttocks with warm water and dry them.

The baby's skin is very tender, so parents should spend more time on the selection of diapers, try to buy from regular shopping malls and supermarkets. When parents buy diapers for their babies, they also need to pay attention: the diapers used in autumn and winter seasons should be thicker and more absorbent, while in spring and summer, they should not only focus on thickness and water absorption strength.

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