How to Change Disposable Diapers?

Feb. 15, 2019

When changing disposable Cloth Like Nappy, you can do this as follows:

1. Remove the soiled Cloth Like Diaper and clean the skin covered by the diaper. Lift your baby's legs, place a clean diaper under his hips, and place the end with a tape or Velcro under the waist.

2, gently pull the front end of the diaper between the baby's legs. If it is a male baby, make sure the penis is facing down when you pull up the diaper. The diaper is unfolded and the flank on both sides are securely overlapped and fixed.

3, explosion to ensure that the diaper is not piled up between the baby's legs between the tape or the buckle should be firmly fixed, so that the diaper can fit the body and not too tight. If there is a width between the diaper and the baby's belly that can accommodate the finger, it means that the tightness is moderate.

4, throw the dirty diaper into the bucket, be sure to put the baby in a safe place before you can turn around or go to other places to handle dirty diapers. Wash your hands thoroughly after throwing dirty diapers into a bucket or plastic bag.

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