Need to Pay Attention to the Choice of Diapers (1)

Dec. 10, 2018

Need to pay attention to the choice of Comfortable Diaper:

To judge whether a diaper is easy to use and cost-effective, it can be considered from the following aspects.

(1) Surface material

That is, the side of the diaper that is close to the baby PP is a layer of absorbent non-woven fabric. Judging whether the surface material is good or bad is to see if it is white (the color of the dark cloth may be problematic) and soft (it is not comfortable with the baby's small PP).

(2) Polymer resin

The Comfortable Diaper Pants absorbs urine mainly by this, and the absorption of the cotton core only accounts for less than 10%. Pinch the diaper by hand, there are some hard particles inside, this is the case, the scientific name is SAP. The polymer resin swells after absorbing moisture to form transparent colloidal particles. Generally, the newborn baby's urine volume is 2,300ml in one night. However, if the diaper is too full, it will inevitably ooze some of it, so it is better to absorb more than 400ml. Later, as the baby's urine volume increases, the absorption of the diaper should be increased accordingly.

When using the XL diaper, most babies can learn to urinate on their own, so diapers above the L size, the absorption of 700ml is usually sufficient.

(3) Diversion layer

The diversion layer is closely attached to the underside of the non-woven layer of the surface layer. The function is to allow the urine to diffuse rapidly and absorb evenly, so that the urine is concentrated in one part. In addition, the diversion layer can increase the absorption rate of the urine, and not let it go. Unabsorbed urine ran outside. By tearing off the top layer of the diaper, you can see if there is a baffle below the top layer.

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