The Manufacturer Tells You How to Change the Baby Diaper

Dec. 02, 2018

The manufacturer tells you how to change the Skin Fabric Disposable Diaper for your baby:

1. Raise the baby's buttocks with one hand and then insert the Non Woven Fabric Diaper under the hips.

2. Wipe the baby's lower body with a damp paper towel and wipe it dry.

3. Apply a talcum powder or baby skin cream after the skin is dry.

4, moderately separate the feet, then sandwich the diaper between the feet, and naturally adjust the shape of the diaper.

5. Put the diaper against the back to prevent urine from flowing out from the back.

6. Fix the diaper cover symmetrically left and right. If the disposable diaper is pushed out of the diaper cover, the diaper should be tucked into the diaper pants.

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