Why Did the Diaper Leak Urine?

Feb. 26, 2019

Most "side leakage" occurs in the transitional stage of changing the diaper from Pull Ups Pants Factory model. After changing the model, the size of the leg may fit well, but some voids may appear in the ankle, and the urine may not be absorbed immediately when it is sprayed out. Side leakage may occur, and it is easier for the baby to "front leak" and "post leak" when lying down.

In the following cases, side leakage is also prone to occur, please take care of your mother to avoid:

(1) The Diaper Pants does not fit the baby's body shape

(2) The size of the diaper is not suitable

(3) When wearing a diaper, the baby tampering creates a gap between the skin and the diaper.

(4) When the boy is wearing a diaper, the younger brother is placed upwards.

(5) The amount of urination is larger than the total amount that can be absorbed by the diaper.

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