Can Newborns Use Diapers?

Dec. 06, 2018

The Soft Feeling Nappies is composed of three main parts: a surface coating layer, an absorbent core layer and a base fabric. The absorbent core layer contains a sponge body and a fiber layer which have an adsorption effect, and the long-term use may cause damage to the baby's skin, and the red buttocks may easily occur. Therefore, it is recommended that mothers try not to use or use diapers for newborns to protect the delicate skin of newborns.

If in special circumstances, such as the mother just after delivery, it is not convenient to clean the Soft Feeling Diaper used by the newborn in the hospital, you can use the diaper for the baby. At present, there are diapers specially made for newborns on the market. It is recommended that mothers buy cotton diapers that are suitable for newborns. Newborns have more feces and are difficult to clean. Mothers should always change the baby, and after cleaning, wash the butt with warm water, so the baby will not have a red butt.

In addition, there are also mothers sharing experiences. Newborns use diapers in hospitals or on the go, and use diapers at home. When choosing a diaper, you should also choose a breathable, ultra-thin absorbent, and the baby will feel comfortable wearing it.

Soft Feeling Nappies

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