Need to Pay Attention to The Choice of Diapers (2)

Dec. 13, 2018

Need to pay attention to the choice of Super Absorption Nappy:

(1) Size

The Super Absorption Diaper's packaging will have a model that is suitable for the weight of the baby, but some diapers are too small, which is equivalent to the price of the L number, only the size of the M is purchased, which actually reduces the cost performance of the product. When choosing a size, you can't just look at the applicable weight on the package. It is best to try it out because height and fatness affect weight. The size is small, the baby is uncomfortable, the size is too large and it is easy to leak sideways. Replace the size when you change the size.

Cloth Like Diaper

(2) Thickness, weight

Too thick diapers will make the baby full of squats, naturally not comfortable, and some manufacturers in order to make the diapers thinner, the middle of the cotton core is very solid, thin is thin, diapers filled with urine It will expand and become very thick. The home or the unit has an electronic scale, which can be called the weight. The M number is generally about 30g. If there is no electronic scale, you can pinch it by hand to see if the diaper is too hard.

Ultra-thin diapers are of course comfortable, but usually the amount of water is not very large, and it needs to be changed more frequently, so it is not necessary to be ultra-thin, mothers can choose according to their own situation.

(3) Price

Diapers are very expensive. If you change your life, your baby will consume about 2,000 tablets before the age of one. For ordinary mothers with economic conditions, they should still care about the price.

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