Choose A Few Small Details of The Diaper

Dec. 17, 2018

Choose a few small details of the Ultra Thin Diaper:

(1) Is it absorbed more or not?

More absorption, can reduce the frequency of replacement; fast absorption, can reduce the time of contact between urine and skin. In addition, the material of the Ultra Thin Baby Diaper surface should also be selected to be dry and not oozing, so that the sleeping baby can not be prevented from sleeping by the wet diaper.

Cloth Like Diaper7

(2) Is it breathable and not hot?

If the baby's diaper is not breathable, it will make people feel uncomfortable and sit up. Therefore, the smooth and smooth plastic material is not as breathable as the cotton material, so you need to observe it from your baby's small butt.

(3) Is the touch comfortable?

Touch is the primary part of your baby's understanding of the world. A good tactile experience allows him to develop a more complete sense of security, and the establishment of a sense of security has a direct impact on the development of behavior in the future. Your baby's skin is very sensitive, and if you have a little stimulation, it will make him feel very uncomfortable. This is worth your while.

(4) Is it dry and not leaking?

In fact, the diapers sold in the market have reached the standard of no leakage. For this, Mom and Dad are more at ease. However, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the design of the baby's leg and waist is too tight due to leakage prevention and whether the use of the material is comfortable for the baby.

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