How to Wash Organic Cotton Diapers?

Jan. 15, 2019

Compared with diapers, diapers have their own advantages, so many parents will choose diapers for their children. Organic cotton diapers are the first choice, and organic cotton diapers have the advantage that other diapers are irreplaceable. Organic cotton diapers have better breathability, keep warm, and wear organic cotton. They feel very soft and comfortable, and are non-irritating, which is very suitable for baby's skin. So how should organic cotton diapers be cleaned after use? Below Hui Yingle Baby Diaper Supplier summarizes some methods of cleaning organic cotton diapers.

Disposable Baby Diaper

(1) If there is a poop on the baby's diaper, you need to clean the stool on the diaper with a brush before doing the next work;

(2) Put the replaced diaper into the water and rinse it. There is no need to put detergent or soap. Generally, the baby's urine or stool can be cleaned without using other chemical washing liquid.

(3) The diaper from the Infant Diaper Factory can be cleaned several times, remember not to be lazy, and the average male parents may "stolen and cut materials" when cleaning, which is absolutely impossible;

(4) After the baby's diaper is cleaned, prepare a large bowl of boiling water, then put the wrung clean diaper into the boiling water basin and boil the baby's diaper with boiling water;

(5) After the baby's diaper is cleaned, remember that it is best to lie under the sun. If it is winter, you can dry it on the radiator.

I believe that through the above introduction, most parents already know how to clean the Disposable Baby Diaper. We hope that parents will use more when cleaning the diaper. After all, the child's health is in his own hands.

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