Do You Want To Know How Baby Diapers Are Tested?

Mar. 22, 2019

Do You Want To Know How Diapers Are Tested?

As we all know, Huiyingle Sanitary Products Co.,Ltd is a baby hygiene products manufacturer consisting of a group of parents who are "baby lovers". It is an advanced enterprise integrating product research and development, design, production and marketing, focusing on the production of baby disposable hygiene products.Here, the technical director of the Huiyingle Baby Diaper Manufacture would like to explain to the majority of friends in the production of diaper, its detection work is how to complete.

In order to ensure that the diaper has ultra-thin breathable, dry diaper and other functions. First of all, in terms of materials,We use imported materials such as super absorbent resin, cotton core, non-woven cloth to ensure the Breathable Odm Baby Diapers and these materials are all approved by the relevant health standards. They are all in the state of sealing and packaging before leaving the factory, so as to ensure the cleanliness of raw materials.

Besides the requirements on raw materials, we also have certain requirements on the production environment of diapers. When testing diapers, workers go through a series of procedures before entering and leaving the workshop, including hats and clothes, to ensure that no hair is exposed to the air. And then we're going to partially sterilize our hands for about half a minute.

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Above is the technical director of Huiyingle diaper manufacturers want to explain the main content with the majority of friends. For more detailed information about guangdong diaper manufacturers, please visit our website here:

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