Effect Of Acid And Alkalinity Of Diaper On Baby's Red Butt

Apr. 04, 2019

Effect of acid and alkalinity of diaper on baby's red butt,shared by the Baby Diapers Supplier.

When they choose Baby nappies, they will choose nappies that are not easy to cause baby red butt, and there are many factors that cause baby red butt. Mainly divided into: a bad habit; Chemical composition of the diaper; The ph of the diaper.

First, the big treasure mom focuses on permeability, softness and absorption. However, some bad habits can also cause baby red butt. The smaller the baby, the more active its metabolism, especially water metabolism, which means that the frequency of urine is very high, so the baby's butt will often be in a moist state, and the skin will be easily stimulated and the chance of infection will be increased. Add on the market diapers inappropriate baby, friction, damage to the surface of the skin resulting in red butt.

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Then there are the chemicals in diapers. Excessive use of materials in pursuit of certain properties can also cause damage to baby's butt. For example, high absorbent resin residues acrylic acid, residue standard at 800mg/kg, small brands may ignore this standard, the factory did not test the diaper into the market, resulting in red butt.

And then finally the ph of the diaper products supplied from Pull Ups Pants Manufacturer . The baby and wearing diapers to form a separate environment, this environment will feel the conditions for the breeding of bacteria. Baby's skin is weakly acidic. The ph value at birth is 6.5, about 6 months later, and 5.5 a year and a half later. It is becoming more and more acidic.

However, if the ph of the diaper and the baby's skin is too acidic or alkaline, it will change the environment of the baby's butt, which will change the environment that is not easy to breed bacteria into the environment that promotes the reproduction of bacteria, so it is easier to red butt, which is one of the reasons for the baby to "pick" the diaper; And when the ph of the diaper is too different from that of the baby's butt, it is prone to chemical reactions that can erode the skin. Therefore, the ph value of diapers should be between weak acid and neutral.

The same principles apply to our everyday use of wipes, soaps, and disinfectant water.

There are weak acid diapers on the market, because the baby's feces is alkaline, so that the acid and alkali neutralization, the environment is less prone to breeding bacteria. But treasure mom does not have to buy the diaper of weak acidity, want to clear darling fart in time only fart, alkaline material gives get rid of, also can maintain darling environment to be in weak acidity, red fart nature is far from darling.

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