How To Choose The Right Baby Diaper For Your Baby?

Apr. 12, 2019

How To Choose The Right Baby Diaper For Your Baby?

Newborn Baby Diapers and clothes are equally important, the choice of diapers and production of adequacy, and directly affect the health of the newborn, this is because the newborn's skin more delicate, micturition frequency and improper care, diaper is not appropriate, all can make baby diaper rash, commonly known as red buttock, serious when can be secondary to the hip skin infections, even the urine road infection or cause serious diseases such as neonatal sepsis, and neonatal health and even life-threatening.

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Newborn diapers require strong water absorption, soft, easy to wash and sun. Diapers can be made or purchased. When oneself make, should choose quality of a material soft, absorbent good light color cotton cloth or old sheet, old clothes, cotton sweater, pants wait for complete cotton cloth to make. The diaper can be made into a square or a rectangle. If the diaper is made into a square, according to the thickness of the newborn, cut the diaper into 60 cm square size. When using the diaper, fold the diaper diagonally twice to form a triangle. If make rectangular diaper, can cut grow 60 centimeters, wide 40 centimeters, fold commonly 4-5, become the diaper of 12-15 centimeters wide, suit new student and use. Generally, 20-30 pieces of diapers should be prepared for washing and changing.

If you want to buy diapers from Baby Diaper Manufacture, you should pay attention to choose disposable diapers and diapers that meet the hygiene requirements. The use of disposable diapers or diapers is mixed. The biggest advantage is that it saves the trouble of washing diapers and is more convenient to use when going out. At home is the best use of homemade cotton diapers, as long as the thorough cleaning, good for newborn skin. This is because often change diaper, can not only maintain the newborn hip dry skin, but also in the diaper when the observation of newborn skin diaper rash, can be dealt with as soon as possible.

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