How to put a diaper on a baby?

May. 22, 2019

How to put a diaper on a baby?

Proper diaper pad -- baby disposable hygiene products, is mainly to ensure that the baby's urine and feces do not leak out, do not dirty clothes and bedding. One of the most important principles of nappies is to keep your baby's knees and hips in a natural state.

Put a wide elastic band around the baby's lower abdomen to ensure that the diaper fits the baby's body. But elastic band should not be too tight, so as not to damage the baby's skin.

When using rectangular diaper, fold cushion in half at buttock first, bag passes anus, genital hind covering at abdomen, after filling diaper two ends into elastic belt next, finish level off can. Some people will be in the diaper at both ends of the cloth, then will pad in the buttocks of the diaper two corners of the cloth belt waist, in the abdomen of the diaper tie a knot, and then the cloth belt above the diaper down into the anus can be stuffed.

baby disposable hygiene products

When using a triangle diaper, the bottom side of the triangle diaper should be flat at the waist, and the top corner should pass through the anus and external genitalia, covering the lower abdomen. The bottom two corners of the diaper should be surrounded to the front and buckle in the diaper.

In order to make the baby more comfortable, you can use triangle diaper and rectangular diaper. Place the rectangular diaper on top of the triangle diaper first, then wrap the rectangle diaper and one corner of the triangle diaper up to the abdomen of the newborn, and finally wrap the triangle urine cloth over it and fix it on the abdomen of the newborn. Considering the physiological characteristics of baby boy and baby girl, baby boy can be thicker at the top corner of triangle. Baby girls can be padded at the bottom to avoid wet clothes.

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