The best diapers for babies

May. 05, 2019

The best diapers for babies

Huiyingle Sanitary is a baby hygiene products manufacturer,our diaper helps baby get rid of diaper rash.

1, not easy fault, not glop;

2, the whole core structure, compared with the conventional diaper absorption urine volume, not easy to fault, not easy to form into a group;

3, hot air permeable bottom film, rapid dehumidification to sultry, gentle care;

4, double-layer leak-proof widened side, 3D skin-friendly design, more comfortable for baby sports.

Let the baby wear comfortable diaper pants is the mother has been the pursuit of expectations, the suspension core system set suspension core, hot air permeable bottom film, leakproof side and elastic waist with a whole, to ensure the comfort of the baby. Compared with the ordinary core, the suspension core expands by 60%, which can be quickly and fully absorbed. The 360 degree elastic waist avoids the worry of leakage, the hot air permeable bottom membrane is super soft, which allows the baby to breathe freely on the skin, and the leakage-proof spacer can effectively prevent the side leakage of the leg. Many humanized designs allow the baby to feel comfortable and free.

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