How to Change the Diaper Baby Will Feel Comfortable?

Jan. 09, 2019

Remember the feeling of changing your baby's Soft Baby Nappy for the first time? Slowly, the baby is lying from the squatting to the move, and changing the diaper for 3 months is a challenge. In fact, changing diapers can be the most relaxing enjoyment for your baby, and it can also be the sweetest interaction with your baby.

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(1) Make your baby feel comfortable and encourage him to cooperate with you. You can caress your baby's body and talk to your baby. In this way, in the baby's mind, changing diapers will gradually become a happy thing. After many times, the baby will start to expect such a feeling of comfort, and the brain will also form a benign stimulus.

(2) Let the baby remember to change the Breathable Pull Up Diaper by greeting and touching. Be sure to tell your baby in advance when changing diapers and let him know what you are going to do. For example, "Mom is going to change the diaper for her baby now." In the process of changing diapers, say something to the baby about the positive encouragement mentioned above.

(3) Gently hold down the thrashing calf. Usually the baby starts to become active after 3 months and may not always match your movements. When the baby flutters his calf, he can gently press his leg and tell him that he can't move. Then quickly change the diaper, then gently touch him and do some intimate interaction.

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