[Baby diaper for sale]History and development of baby diapers

May. 27, 2019

History and development of baby diapers

Baby training pants wholesale shares that in 1936, due to the war, the shortage of supplies and transportation difficulties, cotton core, cotton cloth is a strategic material, the supply is poor, so the first simple disposable baby diapers in Sweden was born, it is made of wrinkle toilet paper as cellulose filler to absorb urine. In 1960, American A company introduced wing diaper, using non-woven fabric and villi pulp as liquid permeable layer and absorbent layer, and fixed with safety pins.

To 1980, the morphology and structure of the development of diapers has tend to mature early, when the Japanese company B of baby diapers into polymer absorbent resin, in order to make a better absorbent diapers, breathable membrane, three-dimensional leak proof after edge, diversion, fabric texture layer back film, on the surface coated with cream, etc., have been introduced into the production of urine trousers, so as to further improve the design of the diapers and quality to satisfy consumers the real demand for diapers. After 1996, the sixth generation of fully functional new diapers came into being, which integrated all the advantages of previous generations of diapers and completed the revolutionary transformation. The absorbent core composed of the villous pulp and high proportion of macromolecular was strip type, with both sides or full back membrane of air permeability and multi-layer receiving diversion layer. At this point, the baby diapers have developed from the humble first generation to the sixth generation, in the shape, structure, function and other aspects of the development of basic maturity.

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Baby training pants wholesale

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