[Baby diaper for sale]Baby diapers to intelligent development?

May. 17, 2019

Baby diapers to intelligent development? Shared by the baby diaper manufacture.

At the consumer electronics show (CES) in Las Vegas in 2019, south Korean company Monit unveiled a smart nappy with a sensor the size of a biscuit. The sensor can identify the urine and feces of the child through the perception of humidity, and timely send a prompt message to the mobile phone through bluetooth, so that parents can timely replace the child. The nappies also record information about the baby's bowel movements and sleep.

With the comprehensive penetration of smart devices into the field of childcare, the era of intelligent, maternal and child care is expected to become an important area of intelligent technology development.

What's the difference between smart diapers and ordinary diapers?

1. Ordinary diapers, only with water absorption, side leakage, more focused on the diaper itself. Intelligent nappies are not only the intelligence of traditional nappies, but also pay more attention to the needs of children, such as the reminder of wet urine, the reminder of kicking the quilt, and the reminder of abnormal temperature, etc., with more comprehensive functions.

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2. Ordinary diapers and smart diapers use different cores. Ordinary diapers use the traditional core structure, while intelligent diapers use the latest technology, the fifth generation core structure, combined with artificial intelligence technology, can give the greatest function.

3. The traditional ordinary breathable baby diaper pants, when the baby wet, the need for parents to touch touch perception, this is actually relatively unsanitary. But the smart diapers can detect the baby's urine humidity at any time, when the baby's urine is wet, it will send a reminder, which is conducive to the timely replacement of parents.

4. Compared with traditional ordinary diapers, smart diapers are more economical, which can monitor the urine volume of children at any time, absorb more urine, and reduce the number of diaper changes to achieve the purpose of saving diapers.

5. Intelligent diaper has a higher content of science and technology, which can play a more important role and make the advantages of diaper more obvious. Compared with traditional diapers, smart diapers are more refined and professional in terms of childcare.

Although some domestic brands of nappies have been pushed out of smart nappies, consumers know little about smart nappies at present, and the market competition of smart nappies is so fierce that it is not easy for small brands of new brands to stand out, and consumers' acceptance of smart nappies needs to be improved.

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