Should your baby wear diapers or traditional diapers in the summer?

Apr. 20, 2019

Should your baby wear diapers or traditional diapers in the summer?

Breathable Baby Diaper Pants Manufacturer shares that after every summer, many parents will be more inclined to use traditional diapers for their babies, especially some parents of the older generation, think that traditional diapers have good air permeability, and wearing diapers in summer is easy to red butt. So is it better to wear diapers or traditional diapers in the summer?

The traditional diaper

Traditional nappies are mostly made of cotton cloth, which is soft and doesn't wrap tightly around your baby's butt like diapers.

However, if you give your baby a traditional diaper, you need to change it immediately after each defecation. Otherwise, your baby's defecation will easily leak out, soak or dirty the clothes, and add to the trouble of cleaning. Moreover, the baby defecates very frequently every day, which is quite troublesome for the baby and baba. The baby can't sleep peacefully or have fun, and the parents need to unwrap and wrap the diaper repeatedly, wash the diaper repeatedly and sterilize it, which is time-consuming and laborious.

Baby diapers

As we all know, the diaper is a disposable thing, made of non-woven cloth, paper, cotton and other materials, so its biggest advantage is no need to clean, saving time and effort; The biggest drawback is that it costs too much money. In addition, the absorption core layer of the diaper can also quickly absorb urine and avoid the leakage, which can not only reduce the contact time between the feces and the skin, but also help to keep the baby's butt dry.

                                                    Breathable Baby Diaper Pants

However, there are two reasons for the red butt problem in baby diapers:

(1) parents care is not appropriate, for a long time not to change the baby diapers;

(2) diapers poor quality of the surface cladding layer, diapers airtight.

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