After Two Years Old, Infant Can No Longer Wear Diapers?

Feb. 19, 2019

This issue is the focus of our debate today. At the beginning of the article, many treasure moms have found gossip because of the problem of baby wearing Breathable Baby Diaper. When the baby bids farewell to the Ultra Thin Paper Diaper, although it is related to the guidance of the mother, but more depends on the baby's awareness of urinary awareness. The situation of different babies is different, so there is no threshold for two years old.

Of course, Super Dry Diaper cannot be worn without restrictions. When the child feels urination or defecation until the diaper is uncomfortable, the parents will take the child to the toilet seat, so that the child can form a relationship between the bowel movement and the toilet, and a normal bowel habit will soon be established.

Therefore, when the baby can take the initiative to tell you that you want to "poop" and "pee", the diaper can be " laid off". The troubled mother in front, the next time I was gossip, please proudly say that my treasure is like this, my mother is happy, okay?

Breathable Baby Diaper

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