Diapers and Diapers Are not Wet, How to Match Them?

Jan. 22, 2019

Advantages of Breathable Baby Diaper: Breathable, timely replacement is not easy under the red ass.

Disadvantages of diapers: 1) trouble, a wet change, this is more obvious at night; 2) it is easier to wet the pants.

Advantages of Ultra thin Diaper: 1) Convenient, regular replacement; 2) It is not easy to leak urine from the side and back.

Disadvantages of diapers: 1) Relatively non-breathable, the difference in price grades is also relatively large. 2) After the diaper is not wet, the inner surface is still very dry, and the water absorbing particles become heavy and swayed underneath, and the inner surface does not directly contact the skin, so the child will not have the uncomfortable feeling of wetness after urinating, and the toilet training It may be underpowered.

Recommendation: Comfortable Infant Diaper during the day + diapers at night and when going out, which is the result of many mothers. It’s more economical. Secondly, the baby is cooler in the summer, and the third can avoid too much conflict with the family who use the diaper.

Comfortable Infant Diaper

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