Besides diapers, is the diaper table also a real need?

Apr. 16, 2019

Besides diapers, is the diaper table also a real need?

Baby Diaper Manufacture shares that for the countless mothers who have given birth, in addition to the importance of choosing diapers for their babies on a daily basis, changing diapers is also a physical task. Especially for the treasure mother that just gave birth to a child character, muscle and ligament still are in more flabby condition, often bend over to change diaper to wait to be able to cause mom backache. So many mothers choose to buy diapers to "liberate" themselves.

Besides diapers, is the diaper table also a real need?

But for diapers have different evaluation of Taiwan consumers, some treasure mom said diaper machine is simply to save himself and his family waist artifact, for babies in diapers are more efficient, the formation of habits, the baby lying on diapers will cooperate, can give the baby diaper machine do touch practice looked up, change clothes, and for the baby goods, maternal and child artifact. Some parents also say that the family diaper table is just like chicken ribs, which will never last for a long time after being purchased. After learning to turn over, the baby is likely to turn over and over when changing the diaper, posing a threat to the baby. After being purchased, the diaper table becomes a rack for piling up idle articles. So is the diaper table really a pseudo-requirement?

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Fewer brands in the market:

The baby diaper table is also called the baby diaper table. It can help parents to put the baby flat on the diaper table when they need to arrange clothes and change diapers for the baby, so that the mother can change diapers for the baby. In developed countries, the baby care table has become the standard product of public toilets. In China, some airports, shopping malls and other maternal and infant rooms are also equipped with a diaper table to facilitate the travel of infants and parents. At present, the main brands of diapers are available at home and abroad, but compared with other categories of maternal and infant products, diapers are in the initial stage with few brands, and the domestic market of domestic diapers is in the initial stage.

At present, diaper table brands are relatively few compared with other categories of maternal and infant products. Foreign brands mainly include French brand sweeby, Italian brand CHICCO, Italian brand CAM, German stokke, brotish, Italian brand brevi and Swedish brand ikea, etc. Domestic brands of diaper table mainly include kyorby, goodbaby, bubble bear, bobbelon, valdera, australis, savao and so on.

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