Does the baby have a diaper rash again? Moms don't worry!

Apr. 24, 2019

Does the baby have a diaper rash again? Moms don't worry!

As is known to all, Breathable Diaper Manufacturer shares that the metabolism of the newborn baby is strong, so every day many times to urinate, because parents failed to timely replaced by urine soaking for baby diaper or paper diapers, interfere with the baby's skin stimulation, resulting in baby's butt is red, then appears erythema, serious when still can cause baby's ass skin ulcers. In this case, it is medically known as diaper rash.

How does baby diaper rash nurse?

First, parents check frequently, to change diapers, and parents in every time to change a new baby diapers or diapers, after cleaning, to let the baby's ass completely dry after the baby package.

Second, parents must choose safe, comfortable and breathable materials when choosing diapers or diapers for their babies.

Three is, can each time clean the baby's ass, choose to use the baby special care cream. Appropriate to the baby's ass with care cream, to help restore baby hip skin health.

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