Is The Baby Red Ass Caused By Diapers?

Mar. 11, 2019

We are a Chinese Baby Diaper Supplier, and share with you the reasons for popularizing the baby's red ass.

For the newborn baby, its skin is quite delicate. If it is not properly treated, it will easily appear red buttocks, broken skin and even redness. Many people will blame this for the baby's diapers. So, is the diaper causing the baby's red ass?

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1, because the diaper change is not timely, so that the small butt is soaked in the wet diaper for a long time, so that the ability of the irritant to penetrate the skin and enhance the chance of infection, then it is easy to cause red ass;

2, because the baby does not wipe the stool of the buttocks after the stool, so that there is some residual urine in the buttocks. When you wear the diaper, it will appear in the wet and irritating environment;

3, because the baby's skin wrinkles more, the hips are not easy to dry after cleaning, and the stratum corneum of the skin is affected by the immersion of water is likely to cause erosion, resulting in a considerable reduction in local skin resistance;

4, If you use a non-fitted diaper for a small butt, or if the skin and the diaper are constantly rubbing, it is easy to cause damage to the stratum corneum protection structure.

In fact, the phenomenon of baby red buttocks is not caused by diapers, but it is caused by some inappropriate things when we change the diaper in our daily life, so in general we change for the little ones. There are still many things to pay attention to in the diaper, such as the use of good Breathable Paper Diaper, etc., together with the healthy growth of the baby.

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