Baby Wears A Diaper to Prevent Red Ass

Jan. 31, 2019

When wearing Cloth Like Baby Diaper for your baby, be careful to prevent your baby's ass from getting sick and getting a rash.

(1) Change frequently

Summer baby drinks more water and urinate more frequently. Therefore, the replacement of Disposable Baby Napkin may be more diligent than usual. When you change your job, you can reduce the moisture on your small butt, minimize the contact between the butt and the irritant, and the incidence of diaper rash is low.

(2) wash frequently

After each baby's urine or stool, it is best for the mother to rinse the baby's butt with warm, flowing water. Generally, it can be used after urinary water. If you need to use detergent after occasional use, please choose a mild baby-specific product. The cleaning action and the towels used should be taken care of, and avoid excessive cleaning while washing.

Cloth Like Baby Diaper

(3) pay attention to action

After the baby's butt is cleaned, be sure to pay attention to the action of “wiping” the moisture on the baby's butt. To be precise, it is necessary to "stick" the moisture on the baby's butt by gently pressing it, so as to avoid the damage caused by the towel on the baby's delicate butt skin.

(4) Must be dried

Mothers take off their diapers for the baby to clean the small butt, it is best to "dry", let the water on the skin completely evaporate, put on a new Non Woven Fabric Baby Diaper. Try to keep your baby's small buttocks dry.

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