When Can the Baby Take off the Diaper?

Jan. 25, 2019

As a Comfortable Diaper Pants Supplier, we want to say the baby's ability to control the bowel movements is very weak before the age of one and a half. This is because the development of the baby's urination center is not perfect, and it is impossible to urinate by spontaneous defecation.

Moreover, according to the recommended "toilet training" principle in foreign countries, it is recommended to train the child to spontaneously defecate in 18 to 24 months. At this time, the baby can express his thoughts, and then try to gradually remove the Cloth Like Baby Nappy and train himself step by step. It’s all right.

During the specific operation, parents should not rush to seek success. It is possible that the child will appear repeatedly, that is, their bowel movements are quite smooth, but there may be a bed-wetting diaper in the middle. This is a normal phenomenon, don't blame child.

If the baby can express his or her wishes for going to the toilet and can solve the problem on the small toilet, he can theoretically bid farewell to the Breathable Infant Diaper.

Cloth Like Baby Nappy

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