Use Diaper Correctly, Say Goodbye To Red Butt

Mar. 29, 2019

Many first-time mothers have red butts when they take care of their children, but they don't know what went wrong. Many people think it's the diapers. In fact, the use of diapers by young mothers is not correct. Let the Diaper Wholesaler tell you how to use the diaper properly.

1.Put on a layer of butt cream before wearing diapers

In hot weather, choose lightweight and breathable diapers as far as possible. Before putting the diaper on, dry the butt to keep the skin from getting wet, apply the buttock cream to form a waterproof layer, and then put the diaper on, and take care to turn the skirt edge of the diaper out to avoid the skin at the root of the thigh to be worn. This will protect your baby's skin and prevent red butt.

2.Frequent diaper change is the key to prevent diaper rash

As the Disposable Napkin, frequent change is the most important. Especially for diapers that cannot be seen from the appearance whether the urine is wet, it must be noted that the diaper should be changed every 2 to 3 hours. If the child drank more water or milk, also pay attention to frequent change. Do not feel no wet urine, not to the baby replacement. Not timely change of wet diapers, not only may cause diaper rash, but also may cause a large number of bacteria in the diaper, causing some problems in the baby's urinary system. Therefore, the mother must not change diapers lightly.

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3. When the weather is hot, you can use diapers but turn on the air conditioner to cool the baby

Even in the hot season, it is possible to use diapers for baby, but it is recommended to turn on the air conditioner when it is hot, otherwise, no matter whether to use diapers or diapers for baby, you will feel the same heat, body sweat, also easy to lead to diaper rash. Air conditioning temperature should be set at 28 ℃ or so, don't blow straight toward children outlet, to avoid the child catch a cold catch a cold.

4. It is better to use diapers at night to ensure the baby enough sleep

So which is better for babies, diapers or diapers? Some children's skin is more sensitive, may be allergic to the material of the diaper, that can only choose pure cotton diapers to replace. If the child is not allergic to diapers, it is recommended that they be used at the appropriate time and place. On the one hand, it is more convenient to carry diapers. On the other hand, it is easier to use and more effective. Otherwise, you can use diapers. It is recommended to use diapers when sleeping at night. When the baby is sleeping, you can not change the diapers, so do not disturb the child sleep at night, to ensure adequate sleep, conducive to healthy growth.

Described in the above information is how to correctly use diapers, baby from the red bottom, to learn more about Baby Diaper Manufacture, diapers merchants to join information, welcome to login our website for more.

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