Which Indicators Should Be Considered When Choosing Diapers?

Mar. 15, 2019

Which Indicators Should Be Considered When Choosing Diapers?

When believing many consumer are buying diaper, because the Pull Ups Pants diaper brand on the market is numerous, and do not know how to distinguish the actor and actress of commodity quality and performance, also buy comfortable and healthy diaper commodity more difficult. In terms of the moisture delivered in the diaper, that is, the moisture content of the diaper itself, the higher the moisture content, the more likely it is to breed bacteria and cause mildew. Therefore, consumers in the purchase of diapers, can take into account this factor.

Secondly, choose a Super Absorption Diaper is very important.since the basic function of diapers is to absorb urine, the absorption of urine after less leakage, so that the baby's skin contact surface more dry, and less leakage of urine. It can be seen that slip infiltration, leakage and return infiltration are three important indicators to measure the permeability of products. The slip volume reflects the absorption rate of the product to the urine. If the diapers do not absorb urine quickly, the baby's skin will be in contact with urine for too long, which will cause damage to the skin and may even leak urine. The amount of leakage reflects the anti-leakage performance of the product. If the amount of leakage of the product is too large, excessive urine will leak from the bottom membrane of the diaper. The amount of infiltration reflects the product's ability to absorb urine and retain water. If the amount of the product is large, it is easy to cause skin contact with urine, breeding bacteria..

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